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Sorry... at present or order book is full,and we are unable to take any new commissions until the autumn.

stained glass repair & refurbishment

repairs, restoration and refurbishment


During the course of its long lifetime, a stained glass window may sustain accidental damage or even begin to bow or sag due to external influences.  A broken pane or some missing cement may allow water and frost to penetrate the lead frames and exacerbate these problems.  Typically, the damaged area will slowly begin to stress other parts of the window, leading to additional damage and, if left for too long, will begin to let the elements in.  I can repair or restore many types and styles of stained glass windows and bring them to their former glory.  These repairs can range from the replacement of one or two broken pieces of glass to a complete rebuild of a ‘sagging’ window.


repair or restore?

The question of repair or restore really depends on one thing... the extent of damage to the window. A couple of cracked or brokes panes of glass and some missing cement can usually be rectified with the window remaining in situ.  But a window where most of the panes are loose or there is severe bowing will probably require a full refurbishment / restoration.  Below is a rough guide to whether your glass might need a repair or full restoration.



A couple of cracked or broken pieces of glass; most glass is secure and stable; cement is present and stable in the majority of joints; a few cracked lead joints; minimal bowing/sagging.



Multiple pieces of damaged glass; bowing or sagging window; the glass has come away from its support brackets; the structure around the glass is unstable; large area of missing cement with loose glass; mutliple broken lead jointing.


big problem or small problem?

Depending on the scale of the problem, some repairs can be done on site, but many need to be taken to the workshop for repair and/or refurbishment.  For instance, in extreme cases of ‘sagging’ or ‘bowing’, I usually rebuild the entire window in my workshop, retaining as much of the original glass as possible, but using new lead and window cement.  If necessary I can add special reinforcing elements to ensure the window continues to provide you with many more years of sag-free beauty.


Most of the time new replacement glass can be matched very closely, if not exactly to the damaged/broken glass.  I may even be able to source the original style of glass from my architecturally reclaimed materials.  If it’s not possible to get a good match to the damaged glass then I may advise replacing all of that specific type/colour of glass for another with a similar texture/colour.  All of these options will be discussed with you beforehand so that you can make an informed decision.


So, whatever your repair - big or small - simply contact us for some friendly advice.   Contact Us

slide show - refurbishing a stained glass window

The repair of a stained glass window from the Arts and Crafts period circa 1910. The window has several broken and missing pieces of glass, missing cement, a certain amount of bowing due to flexing of the door, and some improper repairs attempted many years ago.


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