Sorry... at present or order book is full, and we are unable to take any new commissions until the autumn.
Sorry... at present or order book is full,and we are unable to take any new commissions until the autumn.

quality and design - at every step

The principal cornerstone of my business is the quality of my products. Delivering outstanding quality is not achieved by simply using the best materials (although this always helps); I also ensure that every step of the design and build process is carried out exactingly.  Indeed, I include steps that many others may bypass.


Being passionate about the craft and the stained glass I produce gives a huge sense of satisfaction, knowing that I'm delivering a project that has been built with care and attention to detail.  I know that by taking this time and effort you are able to rely on me to deliver a stained glass project that will give years of satisfaction and enjoyment.


So that you can see the entire stained glass production process and the attention to detail I take, I have included a short 'build history’ of a sundial project.  This sundial is a specialised glass project and illustrates many of the skills I use.  Not every step is used in every stained glass project (such as the references to the gnomon), but it will give you a feel for the care and pride I take in my craft.



Building a stained glass window


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