Sorry... at present or order book is full, and we are unable to take any new commissions until the autumn.
Sorry... at present or order book is full,and we are unable to take any new commissions until the autumn.

the commissioning process

10 steps to owning and enjoying your stained glass window


1.   Decide you are interested in a stained glass window

2.   Contact me on 07748 676 246 and tell me your ideas

3.   I visit you and talk you through some design ideas

4.   I send you a preliminary design and an estimate

5.   You agree to proceed and pay a deposit

6.   I finalise the design with you

7.   I build your stained glass

8.   You pay the final installment

9.   I deliver and install (if required) the final piece(s)

10. You enjoy your stained glass feature for years and years to come


realising your design

As every stained glass design is unique to you, there is no ‘production line’ for your glass project.  Each piece is marked, cut, assembled, finished by hand, and then integrated into your design.  This is a heavily time intensive process, so the building of your glass takes some time.  Also, I like to keep the finished glass for 7-10 days after completion to allow the cement to set, ensuring a robust product that is ready for transport and installation.  I can give you a more accurate delivery estimate when we discuss your design requirements.


designing your window

In order to offer accurate costing estimates I need a combination of things, including size, design ideas and, if possible a design plan or sketch. This sketch/design need not be a work of art, just enough to give me an idea of what you are looking for.  But don't worry if you don't feel you can make a sketch - it's no problem, I can visit you and make make the initial drawings.


I will then take the sketch and interpret it into a preliminary design proposal for you, so you can get a better feel for what the finished work will look like. If you can provide me with any clippings or photos from magazines, internet etc, that you like the look of, this will help us to better understand the 'look and feel' of the project.


Alternatively, you can simply give me the dimensions of the window and ask me to design something for you - the choice is yours.


costing your stained glass project

Pricing a stained glass project is almost entirely based upon the complexity of the design.  The physical size has little to do with it, except in relation to the cost of raw materials. A small complex design incorporating many pieces of curved glass may well cost more than a larger design using fewer geometric pieces.  There is simply more work involved in a complex design.


consultation service

As part of my high level of service, I offer a free consultancy visit*, where I visit you and discuss your design ideas and hopefully see where you would like to have the glass.  This illustrates my commitment to you and the detail I achieve in the design process.  It also shows how serious I am about ensuring I deliver a finished product that will not only delight you, but deliver years of service.


paying for your window

Upon approval of the preliminary design concept and costing estimate, I ask for a retainer before producing the final, scale design.  We will then begin to produce the final, scale design for your approval.  As soon as the project is finished the balance is payable in full before delivery.



Installation of the stained glass can be carried out by me, or you can consult a suitably qualified tradesperson to install it (although I can't be responsible for any damage to the glass caused by installation by a third party).


I look forward to working with you.


*If the client is more than 70 miles from the studio I may have to make a small charge to cover some of the travelling costs.

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